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Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Rates in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon

While your house may be your most valuable financial investment, it is also your family’s home. At Affordable Insurance Solutions, we know how important your home is to you and your family. That’s why we offer quality, low cost homeowners insurance policies for our clients along with customer service that can’t be beat. But what exactly does home owners insurance cover?

While each home insurance policy can vary, standard policies usually include:

  • Extensive coverage for damage to your home and any permanent structures listed on your property
  • Personal property damage due to causes specified within your policy
  • Depending on which State you live in, coverage amounts may vary for specific items such as jewelry

Renting a Home

If you are a landlord renting a home or apartment, you need a specific kind of homeowners insurance called dwelling fire protection. This additional coverage provides protection against hazards such as explosions, vandalism and storm damage. Unlike a typical homeowners insurance policy which covers everything outside of listed exclusions, a dwelling fire insurance policy only covers hazards detailed within the policy. You can also tailor your dwelling fire policy to meet your needs. Depending on your dwelling fire insurance policy, you can protect individual buildings, personal assets, or the entire estate if you choose to do so. You can also be reimbursed for the cash value of your home or the cost of replacing it after a disaster event occurs.

You will likely need dwelling fire insurance if you are:

  • A Landlord who needs to insure the building, but not all the valuables inside it
  • Owners of properties that are under construction or renovation.
  • Owners of properties that are not occupied full time such as vacation homes
  • Owners of homes that have limited cash value such as mobile homes
  • Owners of homes that have historic or ornate value that would make full coverage unreasonably expensive

Tenants also have the opportunity to purchase renters insurance to protect their own belongings.